Senior Marketing Event Executive

  • Lương Cạnh tranh
  • Cấp Độ Nhân Viên
  • Kinh Nghiệm 2 Năm
  • Bằng Cấp Đại Học
Mô Tả Công Việc
  • Planning and Scheduling: Responsible for planning with Event Manager and Vertical Managers in hosting all events / roadshows / media function / logistic support for Marketing team in the organization. Working seamlessly with the marketing team to create materials for promotion that would be received by planners, schedules and promoters across the country.
  • Delegating: The event team, will need to be assigned specific responsibilities by the event manager to perform tasks during the time that leads up to the event as well as while the event goes on. Between those who are associated to the event and those hosting the event and working for the facility, the event manager is then the point man.
  • Post event: After an event, Event Supervisors are responsible to arrange a Debrief/post mortem in order to evaluate the success and key learning for future.
  • Budgeting: Event Supervisor is responsible in planning and execute according to the budget set. He / She is required to be resourceful and good in negotiation with partners in order to get the best deal across.
  • Liaise with Creative Agencies, Event Agencies and production, suppliers,Venue owners.
  • Ensure adherence to operating budget of Marketing Department (Event)
  • To ensure working seamlessly with other marketing peers in various department


  • Personable, presentable and ability to articulate well
  • Effective project management skills
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles
  • Excellent administration and organizational skills
  • Possess at least a Diploma or Bachelor’s in Marketing